David Wright likes SWEETLIX® products because of the results and convenience of their delivery.

David Wright

David Wright of Hopkinsville, Kentucky has been using SWEETLIX® supplements for the past 2 years. He has been feeding SWEETLIX® 16:8 mineral for beef cattle with CTC to his calves and SWEETLIX® 14:1:14 High Mag to the mother cows. He weans about 200 calves from his own cow herd, and usually buys 50 to 100 more. When starting these products, David was trying to overcome foot problems and pinkeye. Since he began using SWEETLIX® products, he has noticed less medical problems. He plans on continuing to use SWEETLIX® products. David has had good luck with SWEETLIX® 16:8 mineral and he has had no grass tetany problems. He has tried other mineral supplements, but his cows wouldn’t eat them. What he likes best about the SWEETLIX® products is: the convenience of delivery, and the results.