Dr. Davis uses SWEETLIX® products and advises others to use them also.

Dr. Michael Davis

Dr. Michael Davis of Randolph County Veterinary Clinic in Pocahontas, Arkansas, buys Missouri Select top quality Commercial Heifers. Dr. Davis was trying to overcome the problem of open heifers after their first service in the 75-80 day breeding window and wanted to ensure that they breed back right away. He knew he needed the best mineral he could get. He has been using SWEETLIX® 2:1 with CTC and Chelated/Organic Trace Minerals for four years.
“We have gotten a 92-95% breeding rate over the last three groups of heifers. There was 370 total head in the last three groups. We also had a 92% breeding rate on our cowherd as well with SWEETLIX® 2:1 Mineral. Dr. Davis plans on continuing to use the SWEETLIX® products and advises others to use them also.
“I add Chelated/Organic Trace Minerals during breeding season, and then use 2:1 for the rest of the year. I monitor intakes for a bag per week on a 50-75 cow herd.” “It works. I feel like the cattle are getting what they need and that I am getting everything I can out of the cattle. You cannot leave anything on the table.”