Cliff Schankie, owner of Schankie Brothers Farm in Madison, Kansas, has purchased SWEETLIX® supplements for over 25 years.

Cliff Schankie

Cliff states, “We’ve been feeding SWEETLIX® and it works!” Schankie uses SWEETLIX® Rumensin® and Cotton Classic Blocks. He’s seen a gain of 15-20 lbs. on an average grazing season of 90 days, and his cattle satisfy their licking urge with the blocks. They have put SWEETLIX® products through tests time and time again, and they always work. They’ve weaned big calves, they don’t have as many dollars tied up, and always come out ahead. They have tried many other brand supplements, but the consistent results and predictable costs have them sold on SWEETLIX® Rumensin® Blocks. “They work year after year!” states Schankie.