SWEETLIX® offers a complete selection of protein, mineral/vitamin and medicated supplements for cattle, horses, goats, sheep and wildlife in a variety of forms and sizes. Each are formulated to address seasonal and forage variables as well as differing animal needs. The SWEETLIX® supplement system has a solution for all of your livestock nutrition challenges.

Beef Cattle
Mineral and protein supplements designed to deliver balanced levels of nutrients in both medicated and non-medicated forms for added production and efficiency.
Dairy Cattle
Protein and mineral supplements developed especially for the nutritional needs dairy cows, from high producing herds to dry cows or replacement heifers.
Highly palatable, convenient free choice supplements designed to improve health and performance of stalled or pastured horses.
Supplementation with the essential nutrients most likely lacking in hay and pastures for the needs of goats raised as companion animals.
Supplementation specially formulated to deliver specific levels of essential minerals and vitamins for the unique needs of today's fast growing sheep breeds.
Nutritional blocks and minerals for deer, fish and fowl to help keep habitats healthy and populations plentiful.
Farm Flock/Wild Bird
Supplementation with balanced nutrition made to round out what is provided by the commercial feed of your choice and natural scavenging.
VMS is a heritage brand of supplements that is fortified specifically for Southern forages and pastures. The VMS line of supplements has its root in the South Eastern United States and has complimented the SWEETLIX® products for generations.