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I'm a big believer in using mineral to solve problems in the long run.
   - David Schrock, Sulphur OK

The SWEETLIX® Meat Maker® line of supplements has really taken a lot of the guess work out of our program.
   - Tyson Brem, Strathmore CA

SWEETLIX® mineral supplements provide the “extra” push my cattle need to perform at a high level.
   - Mickey Dietz, Cleo Springs OK

It's so easy to feed and it get's the job done.
   - Jim McDougald, Friant CA

SWEETLIX® Rumensin® pressed blocks help provide extra weight gain and improve my stocker health program.
   - Chuck Sebranek, Covington OK

SWEETLIX® helps me save money in my operation.
   - Ricky Appling, Russellville KY

I have to do nothing but make the loose mineral accessible for them, and they just eat it up.
   - Lisa Guss, Moline, IL

We saw our embryo production pretty much double.
   - Chris Heptinstall, Fairmount GA

You know what your dollars are on a day to day basis and you can calculate the added performance and the gain difference from there.
   - Audie Waite, Canyon TX

William Shoopman says, “This product has worked for me for 20 years, there’s no reason to change.”
   - William Shoopman

Cliff Schankie, owner of Schankie Brothers Farm in Madison, Kansas, has purchased SWEETLIX® supplements for over 25 years.
   - Cliff Schankie

Huey Meyers is a strong believer in SWEETLIX® supplements.
   - Huey Meyers

“If consistent intake is what you desire in your supplement program, then SWEETLIX® is what you need!”
   - Dustin Snyder, Firebaugh CA

David Wright likes SWEETLIX® products because of the results and convenience of their delivery.
   - David Wright

“Consistent consumption of SWEETLIX® Rumensin® blocks is key,” according to Harold Wooderson.
   - Harold Wooderson

Chris Wisener says, “I just don’t have any herd problems right now.”
   - Chris Wisener

Dr. Davis uses SWEETLIX® products and advises others to use them also.
   - Dr. Michael Davis