ClariFly® - a new option in fly control for cattle and horses

We all know that fly control is essential for optimal growth and productivity and decreased transmission of diseases such as pinkeye and anaplasmosis. Traditionally, there has only been one feed-through option available for both cattle and horses; however, now there is another option available in a block form, ClariFly® Larvicide!

How is ClariFly Different?

ClariFly acts to interrupt the fly life cycle by disrupting the larvae’s normal molting process. The mode of action of ClariFly is specific to insects. ClariFly disrupts the production of a substance called chitin, an essential component of the insect’s exoskeleton. Without a properly formed exoskeleton, the immature fly cannot survive. ClariFly Larvicide prevents the emergence of adult house flies, stable flies, face flies and horn flies from the manure of treated cattle and prevents the emergence of house flies and stable flies from the manure of treated horses.

SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Block

SWEETLIX now offers ClariFly in a pressed block form, the SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Block. What is so exciting about this block is not only does it contain this new form of fly control, but it is also more nutritionally fortified than most other fly control blocks. At the recommended intake rate of 8 oz for a 1,000-lb cow or 12 oz. for a 1,000-lb horse, the SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Block will deliver 100% of recommended trace mineral and vitamin needs, all in a convenient, self-fed block! You get more BANG for your supplement dollar with SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Blocks!

SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Blocks require no additional labor and no handling, unlike sprays, pour-ons and backrubs. Blocks do not need special feeders and cannot be damaged by bulls or stallions. An added bonus is that cattle and horses receive complete mineral and vitamin supplementation along with fly control with no need to buy separate salt or minerals. You truly get everything they need in one convenient block! Additionally, there are no withdrawals. ClariFly may be fed up to slaughter and to lactating dairy cows without withholding the milk during or after treatment. ClariFly is cleared for use in all classes of cattle and horses with no restrictions.

As with other feed-through fly control products, SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Blocks work best as a part of an Integrated Pest Management program using a variety of complimentary control methods. Adult house flies and stable flies can breed in any decaying organic matter, not just manure. Steps should be taken to reduce other sources of decaying organic matter such as tall weeds, wet bedding or spilled feed to limit breeding sites for these flies.

For best results, start feeding SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Blocks early in the spring and continue feeding until the first killing frost. In some areas, these dates will overlap.  When daily temperatures reach 65° F for a period of at least two weeks flies become active. Be sure to provide at least one block per 5 to 15 head of cattle or horses. Locate blocks where animals congregate (near watering, loafing or shade areas, etc.). Increase or decrease the number of blocks or change locations if necessary to adjust for proper consumption. Remember that ClariFly will not kill adult flies so you need to place supplements out BEFORE you see flies for best control. If adult flies are already present when introducing SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Blocks, use an approved adulticide for at least one month to eliminate adult fly populations. Additionally, traps and baits may be necessary to control migrating flies.

In summary, biting flies can result in substantial costs for both cattle and horse owners. Combat flies with the new, fully fortified SWEETLIX ClariFly Fly Control Block for cattle and horses. Ask for SWEETLIX by name at your local SWEETLIX® dealer or call 1-87-SWEETLIX for more information.


ClariFly® is a registered trademark of Central Garden & Pet Company