"We saw our embryo production pretty much double."


Chris Heptinstall is the General Manager of SALACOA Valley Farms in Fairmount, GA. SALACOA Valley is a bull producer with 1,000 head of cows, calving 650 mature cows a year and selling 200-250 bulls a year to commercial cattlemen.

Chris says, “We decided to bump our donor cows, our recip cows, and our young heifers that are of breeding age up to SWEETLIX® CopperHead® Max 16:8 Mineral as a High Mag No. 2 product and we moved the cow herd up to a SWEETLIX CopperHead High Mag 6% Mineral year round. We saw our embryo production pretty much double. We started our eight embryo average, you’ll get your highs and lows but the eight embryo average is what we’re shooting for. We think we’ll get more conceptions that way. We’ll be hitting 72-75% conception rate on embryo transfers. We are quite pleased with that.”

“Being here in the deep South in Fescue country, there’s copper deficiencies. You can see that hair hold on and not sluff off early in the season. There will also be a red tinge to the hair and by adding the SWEETLIX CopperHead Max program, we have allowed these cattle to start shedding earlier plus their hair coat is black like it needs to be for us to be able to get the most money out of these animals that we want to.“