"It's so easy to feed and it get's the job done."


Jim McDougald has been using SWEETLIX® Rumensin® pressed blocks and SWEETLIX® Stockman's Complete 2:1 with Availa® 4 for 15 years on his Hereford ranch.

"Weight is everything. We sell cattle by the pound and SWEETLIX Rumensin blocks have made it easy for us to make heavier cattle. If this is how you sell cattle I would strongly recommend this product," says Jim.

"Since we started using SWEETLIX Rumensin blocks, our heifers are heavier and cycling sooner. We have shortened our breeding season and more of our 1st calf heifers are getting bred. This means a lot to me and our calf buyer. Limited feed is what we live on on a daily basis. SWEETLIX Rumensin blocks have really made a big difference in our herd in terms of heavier, better doing cattle."

"I've recommended SWEETLIX Rumensin blocks to my neighbor, he couldn't believe how good my cattle look on them. It's so easy to feed and it get's the job done."