"The SWEETLIX® Meat Maker® line of supplements has really taken a lot of the guess work out of our program."


The Brem Ranch is located in the town of Strathmore, which is in the heart of the central valley of California. Tyson Brem has been assembling an elite set of Borer Goat females for 8 years and has been using the SWEETLIX® Meat Maker supplements exclusively in his operation. The main focus for Tyson in his operation is selling show weather prospects to 4-H and FFA Members as well as showing and selling percentage and Full Blood seed stock to other Borer Goart producers in the US.

Tyson says, "The SWEETLIX Meat Maker line of supplements has really taken a lot of the guess work out of our program. We use the 20% pressed block for our does prior to kidding. This ensures they are getting the extra protein and trace minerals that they need. We continue feeding the block through the kidding season and incorporate this with the Meat Maker 16-8 loose mineral with Rumensin®. This product has really helped us in the area of coccidiosis management, we still get a case every now and then but the goats seem to repond to treatment and get back on feed faster since we have been using this product."

" Last but not least, is the SWEETLIX 18 lb. All Purpose Goat Pail. This product is something we put in all the kidding pens both for the does and kids as well. I was amazed at how fast the young kids take to this product. We have tried other tub products, but this product in the convenient size fits our set up. Since this product has worked so well, I have been recommending this product to all of my customers after they purchase a goat from me."

"I would highly recommend the SWEETLIX Meat Maker line of supplements to anyone who is serious about this business and wants to take all the guess work out of supplementation, these products flat get the job done for us."