"I just don’t have any herd health problems now."

Chris Wisener has seen great changes in his cattle. “The number of viable eggs has increased per flush as well as the number of grade 1 eggs. Even in drought conditions the past 2 years, we have been able to continue the same breeding scenarios we  have used in the past, and conception rates have not dropped.” Chris feeds SWEETLIX® Stockman’s Complete™ 2:1, he likes the consistent consumption of the mineral the most. Even in drought and unfavorable weather conditions consumption levels have been consistent. “I programmed 21 head of cattle this year. I had 18 out of 21 bred at the first service. There is  not much work for the cleanup bull. Even in these dry conditions, I have had no reproductive problems.” Chris has seen dramatic results when using Stockman’s Complete™. “I just don’t have any herd health problems now. I don’t treat any calves at weaning. In the last 2 years, the calf health has been tremendous. My heifers this year are absolutely fantastic; they are slick haired and healthy. One of the biggest things is the increase in hoof health.” Chris believes that the mineral is vital for the improvement in herd health. He believes it is a lot easier to treat cattle with a 50 lb bag of mineral than a syringe.