"SWEETLIX mineral supplements provide the “extra” push my cattle need to perform at a high level."


Product:  SWEETLIX® C4000 IGR.01 Mineral # 10932

Mickey Dietz of Cleo Springs, Oklahoma comes from a long line of cattle ranching. His father began ranching in the 1940's and Mickey and his sons are carrying on the family ranching tradition/farm.

Mickey runs around 150 commercial Angus cross cattle in the Cleo Springs/Aline, Oklahoma area. He raises all his replacement cattle and believes in feeding mineral supplements to provide the “extra” push he feels his cattle need to perform at a high level. Mickey was the first one in his family to feed mineral supplements and can see that it has helped his calving percentage and growth rates increase. His sons also feed supplemental minerals to their cattle.

Mickey attributes his interest to feed additional mineral supplements to the knowledge and information he reads and hears about through the cattle industry. He also relies on information he gathers locally at the Farmers Coop in Aline, Oklahoma and from his fellow ranching friends. Mickey stated that producer meetings he attends at his local feed dealer help him gain current knowledge and performance goals for his operation. Local Coop producer meetings along with recommendations from the Coop’s location manager; Doug Green helped Mickey decide to try SWEETLIX products. Having a local dealership to buy from and use as an information source is very important to him.

After comparing the tags, Mickey could see that SWEETLIX minerals supplied comparable major and trace mineral levels as the competitive brand he’d been using. He is happy with the consumption and performance for SWEETLIX Minerals and would recommend them to his neighbors. Mickey has been using SWEETLIX minerals for over 5 years now.